Company Formation Service Spain SL    

Your time is valuable – therefore Company Formation Service Spain SL is your reliable partner in all your business related questions.

You live in Spain and you want to start a new business in Spain? Then you should avoid the time wasting Spanish bureaucracy by letting us do all the paperwork for you. We can arrange any kind of official paperwork on a professional, fast and reliable way for a very fair price.

About us

We are a small team of multilingual professionals who follows one goal: That our clients can run their business successfully and efficiently- without worrying about paperwork, so that we can work together for many years. We take over for you any kind of paperwork and we fulfill them professionally and punctually, and for your complete satisfaction.

We are the specialists in the fast and uncomplicated registration of Spanish limited companies for a fair price. Our goal consists in making everything as easy as possible for you, so that you can focus your energy on your business, while we fight on the other side against the bureaucracy. Besides we also offer any kind of design jobs, such as the creation of professional WebPages, flyers, we also offer an accountant service, and we do official translations into several languages. It doesn’t matter, what procedure you need to have done in Spain, it is always worth to call us – based on our long and diverse experience, we can help you out in nearly any kind of situation.


Our multilingual professional team not only can help you to register you Spanish company – we are also reliable in many other task we can help you out. There are only very few things in where we can’t help you out, and in this few occasions, we can arrange you a professional specialized in your specific situation.  You can test us any time and contact us in any purpose – whether you need fast an official license for opening a hospital, or you just want to open a restaurant, or you want to apply for an exclusive Spanish casino license, we already have many experiences in any kind of different businesses.


We are the S.L. and S.A (sociedad limitada/Sociedad Anónima) specialists – therefore we can offer you the best prices and the fasted and easiest service:

For a Spanish SL company, with a share capital of 3006€ we can offer you the all included price of 850€+ IVA
A S.L. with a capital of 100.000€ we can register you for 3.500 €+ IVA and a S.L. with 1.000.000 we can register you for 6.800€+IVA
For the prices of Spanish S.A. companies, you have to contact us.

We organize you Spanish NIE Number in 24 hours for 150€+IVA
For obtaining special business licenses, contact us.
The accountant service starts at 75€ and depends on the kind of business, the monthly invoices and the number of employees your company has under contract.


We give to all clients who register a Spanish company with us a professional website for free. We have our own design team which will create for you and you business an outstanding webpage. You only have to give us the pictures and texts you want to have in your webpage, and in a few days your business will be presented in the World Wide Web.
Just the quality of our webpages has a value of 800€

“Only a happy client is a good client”

You can contact us by telephone on our Spanish office at: +34 693779209
Fax: +34 966808832

You also can call us on our UK phone line: +44 305 4241446

Our office is directly in front of the tax office of the Spanish city

Company Formation Service Spain SL
C/ Asturias 16 - Escalera 2 - 5ºC

03502 Benidorm

NIE – Number

The NIE is a special registration for all foreigners who live in Spain or want to buy or register a company or a property in Spain. In many parts of Spain this is a time waiting procedure, especially for people who come from outside the European community. We are lucky in having the unique possibility to offer a 24hour – service in obtaining the NIE number for any nationality!



Fitness Magazine

Fitness & Lifestyle magazine

BOFI is the only free international Fitness and Lifestyle Magazine with a monthly printed edition in Spain, Germany, the UK and the USA. It covers all different and interesting topics, such as Fitness, Training, Nutrition, Health, Muscle building, Weight loss and cover also interesting articles about music, beauty, fashion, and cinema and more. The magazine BOFI is packet with hundreds of motivating pictures and it is presented in an unique and fresh layout – get the latest issue at your local Gym, or get your copy each month at home by subscribing and paying only the postage for one year, which is 8US$ or 8 Pounds


Your own wedding web

Your are just Married, and you want to show your family and friends the pictures and the report of your wedding – than there is no nicer way than sending them a link to your own personal wedding webpage: For just 40 US$ we create you your own personal and very creative and impressive wedding webpage with an amazing digital flipbook album, and up tu 4 animated 3D photo galleries. And the best of all – it’s cheap and easy – just send us the pictures yo would like to have in your web and the album together with the texts, and in less than 48 hours you will have your WebPages up and running – so that you can send the link of your own weeding website to your friend which would be:


Ekaterina Kormina
Professional Photographier Ekaterina Kormina
You need a professional photographer for your wedding, or you which to have nice pictures of your pregnancy, of you want to have really good pictures of your children and photos of your baby, or you want to have special pictures of your wedding than you have to contact the creative photographer Ekaterina Kormina and visit her webpage
She is the best choice when you search a wedding photographer, a baby photographer, a pregnancy photographer or a photographer for your family.


Company Formation Service Spain

You want a Spanish limited company, a Spanish SL company or a Spanish SA company (sociedad limitada or sociedad anonima), than we are the right partner for registering your Spanish company in only 24hours. We are the company formation Spain specialists. We are able to arrange to setup your Spanish company in less than 1 day. So if you want to do business in spain, than you need the right consulting company to help you with the registration process in spain. Eaven if you need a urgently a company with a European VIES registration, we can help you out and arrange everything in less than 1 week, so that you can start to operate with your new company. We will register your Spanish company in an easy an effective way offering the professional service for a fair price.
Spanish NIE number

In the case, you need a Spanish NIE number we can arrange you to obtain a Spanish NIE certificate in less than 24hours and it doesn’t matter whether you are European or not – we arrange a NIE-Number for any nationality in less than 24hours.

Model Portfolio

Model Webpage Design

You are a photo model or you want to become a photo model, than you need a professional personal webpage with your portfolio – so that you can send potential clients and handle in castings your card with the your webpage. The first impression counts, so that you need to have a very professional portfolio webpage, and we offer you to design you the best photo model webpage for the best price – for only 80US$ we arrange you to have your own photo model webpage and this on a very easy way: You only have to send us your pictures and the texts you want that they appear on your web, and in less than 48 hours we you will have your webpage up and running – go to and get your own personal official website!

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 Escort website

Escort website design

You are a professional escort, than you need to have your own professional webpage so that you will have more potential clients. The first impression counts- therefore we make you a professional and impressive escort webpage with your own pictures and with the information you want to have displayed on your own webpage. It’s very easy and for a very fair price you get your impressive and extraordinary escort webpage in less than 48 hours for just 120 US$ and on the easiest way possible – you only have to send us your pictures and the texts you want in your webpage and soon you can send clients your webpage and clients will find you through you webpage. Go to

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Web Design
Cheap Webdesign
Webdesign for $120
Impressive WebPage Design
You need an impressive and creative webpage – than is your right partner: We create an impressive web page or website for your business or for your personal. We do it in less than 48 hours and you pay when you like the result – and for sure, you will love the result. And the best we do it on an easy and uncomplicated way: You send us your logo, your pictures and the texts, and according to your type of business, we create an impressive webpage, because we know, that the first impression counts, and that therefore you must have a very professional and eye-catching webpage.